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Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum - 30ml Face Serum

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Kakadu Plums contain the highest source of natural vitamin C in the world. Found in some of the most remote areas of Australia, Kakadu plums have an extremely rare antioxidant profile. Rich in antioxidants this super fruit detoxifies the skin and fights off free radical damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution or sun exposure.

A native tree to Australia, our Kakadu Plum Face Serum is wild harvested ethically and sustainably by Indigenous communities exclusively in the Kimberleys, Northern Territory and Arnhem Land. The Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum Face Serum delivers a natural solution to diminishing fine lines, pigmentation & redness, whilst providing collagen support.

The extremely high content of vitamin C in this face serum will leave your skin feeling hydrated, radiant and luminous.

Our serums are formulated using world first technology in cellular extraction and the science of biomimicry.

Cellular extraction maintains the integrity of a species' natural molecules, in their synergistic relationships as they exist in nature. Leaving our serums active and multifunctional.

Fluctuations in the colour of our serums may occur as this is a natural product that reflects the nature of natural differences from harvest to harvest, source to source, batch to batch.


How to use

Suitable for all skin types. Apply as a face serum.

Use morning and evening on clean skin. Apply 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand and apply evenly to face and neck.

Alternatively use in the evening after cleansing and alternate with our Native Rainforest Davidson Plum Face Serum in the morning after cleansing.