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Immunis Organic Tea

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Elderflower · Linden Blossom · Licorice · Sage · Thyme

A blend to help calm the sinuses, headache, fever & sore throat. A delicious earthy flavour with strong sage notes. Take often while experiencing viral symptoms, or as an ongoing preventative measure during seasonal changes.

Blended specifically for those that suffer from upper respiratory issues such as asthma and the first signs of cold & flu. Enjoy as an immunity booster or to be taken often throughout the day in times of illness.

Small batch organic infusion. Hand blended in Tasmania.

Immunis is an easy drinking botanical loose leaf Tea. Create space, choose a cup that your hands enjoy, take in the aroma, savour the distinct flavours. Enjoy the feelings the tea evokes in you.

Health Benefits

Elderflower: Antioxidant, vitamin c, anti inflammatory, eases flu symptoms, cholesterol benefits, diuretic (helps flush out your body so drink plenty of water), antiviral, soothes coughing, sinus infection and sore throats. 

Linden Blossom: Reduces nasal congestion, throat irritation, cough, natural sedative, calm the nervous system, reduce high blood pressure, itchy skin relief. 

Licorice: Soothes your stomach, cleanses your respiratory system, reduces stress, assists cancer treatment, protects your skin and teeth.

Sage: Soothes nerves, boosts relaxation, targets free radicals, soothes sore throat, eases symptoms of menopause. 

Thyme: Ease head cold, headache, muscle tension, cough, fevers, infection, calms nervous system.