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Native Australian Rosalina Face Toner - 50ml

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Rosalina is native to Australia and is part of the Melaleuca family. It is mostly found in Northern Tasmania, Bass Straight Islands and along the coast to Northern New South Wales.

This delicate Australian botanical has a soft, lemony, gentle, floral like aroma that is rapidly absorbed into the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin types. Our Native Australian Rosalina Face Toner will help to even your skin tone and help to soothe red or irritated skin. Especially those with skin irritations or prone to blemishes. 

In traditional use by Aboriginal people, the Rosalina flowers would be used to make herbal teas and treat skin ailments whilst benefiting from the flowers calming aroma. The calming effect of Rosalina can help reduce anxiety and promote mental rest.

How to use

After cleansing spray directly onto your face, or simply spray into your hands and pat onto your face. Allowing toning mist to dry before adding your serum. Can be applied any time during the day if you feel your skin needs an extra boost.