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Lemon and Ginger Organic Tea

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Lemongrass · Ginger Root

A vibrant blend of lemongrass and strong spicy ginger to help with an upset stomach or inflamed muscles & joints. Blended to taste strong ginger notes. 

Small batch organic infusion. Hand blended in Tasmania.

Lemon & Ginger is an easy drinking botanical loose leaf Tea. Create space, choose a cup that your hands enjoy, take in the aroma, savour the distinct flavours. Enjoy the feelings the tea evokes in you. 


Health Benefits

Lemongrass: Relieves anxiety, lower cholesterol, prevents infection, boost oral health, pain relief, relieve bloating and boost red blood cell levels. 

Ginger Root: Relieve nausea, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, relive congestion, improve blood circulation, relieve menstrual cramping, strengthen immunity, stress relief.